Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center

Au Co's Programs

Au Co provides programs to promote and preserve the Vietnamese language and culture, leadership development for the young generation, and aiding the seniors in their golden years.

  • Vietnamese Language Programs

    The Weekend Vietnamese Program teaches the Vietnamese language and cultural traditions for children from 5 through 12 with special exceptions for ages up to 15.

  • Vietnamese Zither Class

    A Vietnamese Đàn Tranh Class taught by Ms. Van-Anh Vo with the assistant of the Sử Việt Zithers Group.

  • Cultural Development Programs

    Au Co organizes and sponsors annual traditional cultural events.

  • Leadership Development Programs

    Develop leadership skills through participation in activities in communities.

  • Au Co's Programs for Seniors

    Au Co provides special programs for seniors for maintaining good health, and promoting cultural awareness and understanding between the older and younger generations.