Au Co — Vietnamese Cultural Center

Who We Are

Au Co Center was originated from the Vietnamese Language Classes established by the Vietnamese Elderly Mutual Assistant Association of SF (VEMAA) since 1983, one of the first Vietnamese language classes in Northern California . In July 1986, the Center was taken over by volunteer members of Vietnamese Students Association of City College of San Francisco. In November 1988, it was determined that the Center be founded as a non-profit organization under the name Au Co Vietnamese Language School.

About Au Co

  • Who We Are

    The Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center of San Francisco

  • Our Vision

    Au Co's Vision: Principles and Purpose

  • Mission Statement

    To promote and preserve the Vietnamese language and culture

The purpose of the organization is to promote and preserve the language and the broad-minded, humanity culture of the Vietnamese people. In August 2005, the Center changed its name to the current Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center . The change is a necessity to be compatible with its services and to avoid being misunderstood as a private school by local communities, public agencies, organizations, and corporations.

All programs of the Center are governed by the mission of the Center mentioned in its bylaw. In general, Au Co Center is a non-profit public interest organization with members who voluntarily participate and follow the purpose and principle of the organization. As established by the bylaw, the Center is supervised by a Board of Directors who are elected by members for a term of 2 year, and each year, half of the Directors are elected. The Executive Committee is responsible for the daily operation of the Center. The Executive Director (Chief of Executive Committee) is elected by members with a term of 2 years, cannot be re-elected for more than 2 consecutive terms, except as permitted by the Bylaw. The Executive Director has full power to select members of the Executive Committee.