Au Co ‐ Vietnamese Cultural Center

Mission Statement

About Au Co

  • Who We Are

    The Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center of San Francisco

  • Our Vision

    Au Co's Vision: Principles and Purpose

  • Mission Statement

    To promote and preserve the Vietnamese language and culture

Au Co Center provides the following programs:

1. Vietnamese Language Program (weekend)
This program offers classes to learn Vietnamese language and culture. The program helps
• promote knowledge and better understanding of Vietnamese heritage and cultural traditions
• promote and enrich the multicultural communities in the City and County of San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the State of California
• foster the values of education and education excellence among Vietnamese-American students
• build strong communications and understanding between generations

2. Youth Leadership Development Program (Youth Team)
This program focuses on assisting adolescents (not limited to Vietnamese descendants)
• develop their skills of leadership and being led through participation in various activities of the Vietnamese community in particular and local communities in general, as well as all cultural events of Au Co Center
• discover and learn the culture and heritage of Vietnamese community through cultural and fine arts activities of AuCoCenter